International School to School Experience
Fostering Peace and Understanding

Mount View Welcome by Principal Colin Dobson at 2014 ISSE Conference

MountViewPrimaryI would like to congratulate and acknowledge the work that you carry out as ISSE ambassadors.
ISSE brings to life the aspirations of a community of educators. Educators dedicated to providing children with a voice and a greater awareness of being internationally minded.

Through your work, the ISSE program promotes the:

  • creation of lifetime opportunities that encourage healthy relationships, individual and collaborative responsibility and effective teamwork
  • experience that helps children make informed and reasoned judgments while developing the child’s capacity to be flexible and confident so they may see things in the world from different perspectives
  • students’ ability to ask questions, pursue personal objectives, set challenging goals as well as develop the persistence and capacity to achieve these aspirations
  • development of personal and cultural beliefs, values and identity

I have stated on numerous occasions that we must understand ourselves if we are to deepen our understanding of others. Why does society investigate culture through a lens of difference rather than a lens that concentrates on similarities between people.

The above educational goals are profoundly shaped by the relationships that the children encounter and embrace throughout their international school to school experience.

Thank you so much for your tireless work, passion and commitment – you do make a difference!

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