International School to School Experience
Fostering Peace and Understanding

Steps to Participating in ISSE

 Five Step Procedure:

  1. Review the ISSE Handbook on the website to see if all the organization’s guidelines can be followed by your school.
  2. Organize a committee, with the endorsement of your principal, that will facilitate the program in your school.
  3. Indicate your interest via email to the ISSE administrators, fill out Form 1 and send the completed form to Bev Campbell.
  4. Once Form 1 has been received a current member school in your country will contact your school.  This school will further explain and answer questions regarding the ISSE program.
  5. Once the member school has confirmed your school’s acceptance and notified the administrators, the administrators will contact your school and exchanges will be assigned.

If you have any further questions, please contact the ISSE administrators.