International School to School Experience
Fostering Peace and Understanding


The International School-to-School Experience (ISSE) is a unique international program for schools that provides for the exchange of thoughts and ideas through face-to-face contact with children from other countries around the world. It is non-profit, non-political, and non-religious in nature.

The program gives all 10-12 year old school children the opportunity to experience and understand other cultures on a first-hand basis. It is an innovative approach for schools that realize the importance of international experience in modern school education.

My name is Mariana.One of my best experiences is when I went to Australia. I Iearned a lot of things. My family from Australia just treated me wonderfully, they took me to many places and I had a lot of fun with them. At Regency Park School I learned about their culture and the way they are.“It was great”
MarianaStudent México, Colegio Springfield / Australia, Regency Park

Ana, 1997

Hello, I am Ana. I had the oportunity to participate in an exchange in March 1997 to Autralia. What I liked the most was the family that I was with, also the school that I went to. I had the

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1995 (-2010), Emily

Our ISSE journey began in April 1995 when Emily, then a 5th grader at Mesa, hosted Melissa. That was the first year for ISSE at Mesa Elementary. There were a whole slew of kids that came from Melbourne, Australia. From

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Gaby, 1997

Hello I am Gaby. I went to Astralia in march 1997, in an ISSE exchange. It was an unforgetable experience. I liked everything. Since the beginning to the end. I met a lovely family for about threee weeks, they were

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Ernesto, 1997

Hello my name is Ernesto, participant of an ISSE exchange to Australia in 1997. My experience was incredible since the first moment. I will never forget how different this country was from mine. It seemed so weard to me when

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Hosted 6 students

We have hosted 6 students from Japan, Peru, Mexico (*3), and the USA. We’ve sent 2 of our 4 children to Mexico and the USA. It can be hard work, but like most things in life, the more you put in

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