Municipal Ohno Elementary School

10-70 Ohno machi
Tokoname City
Aichi prefecture
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Taizo Fukuta
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Municipal Ohno Elementary School has 332 pupils divided among 13 classes from the 1st grade(7 years old) to the 6th grade (12 years old).There is also one special class for the handicapped.

The number of the teaching staff is 22,10 male and 12 female teachers. All the classes are conducted by the teachers without any volunteer help. Each teacher has 25 or 26 periods per week. Every teacher went through a course of study for the teaching profession at university, received a teacher’s license, and passed an examination for service. They are able to work until the age of 60 at most. The seniority wage system has been adopted for the teachers.

As aims of education, subjects, and periods for each subject are established by the curriculum of the Japanese government. Each school is conducting its distinctive education within the limits of the established curriculum.

School Building: One regular classroom building, one special classroom building, one gymnasium and one swimming pool.

School facilities: Library, miniature aquarium, audio-visual room, computer room, music room, science room, arts and crafts room, etc

Educational policy
School precepts : Cooperate and proceed together
Ideal character :

The Pupils who show great respect to lives and live powerfully
The Pupils who follow regulations and behave themselves
The Pupils who help together and work voluntarily
The Pupils who consider carefully and study in self-oriented manner
The Pupils who possess broad mind and serve school & community
In order to realize those five models of pupils, we are trying to do the following practice.

Teaching Methods

To improve individual teaching methods as well as to help the acquire the basics.

Special Activities Committee

School lunch, first aid, beautification, broadcasting, taking care of animals and plants etc.

Club Activities

Chief Events of the Year: Field trips, school excursions, camping, sketching, calligraphy, culture festival, drama show, athletic meet, etc.

Variety of Subjects: Japanese, social studies, mathematics, science, music, drawing & manual arts, physical education, and homemaking(the 5th and 6th grade)

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