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New Delhi
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The ethos of the school is deeply embedded in its motto “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’.’ which means, “The world is a family:” It is a concept that deeply influences in greater or lesser degree, the thought process, the value system, and the way of life of its pupils – past and present, as they look upon the school, the community, the neighbourhood, the nation, and the world, as a part of the whole family of mankind.

Springdales is owned and run by the Springdales Education Society, a Charitable and Educational Trust registered in May 1956. Its present Chairperson is the founder Principal of the school, Mrs Rajni Kumar

At Springdales, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience, helping each child to develop those attributes and qualities of heart, head and hand which will make him/her a self-reliant citizen and a fine human being, socially aware and humanistic, compassionate and kind, having pride in his country and belief in the concept of international brotherhood and peace, a person ready to work as an agency of change for building a more socially just and equitable society.

Springdales is outwardly like many of the other well-established privately managed co-educational schools in the capital with its fine complex of buildings, and its excellent learning facilities. At the same time it has a particular quality of its own that makes it very special to the students, the teachers and the public, resulting in 5000 applicants vying for the 300 seats for the first entry point, the Nursery.

The Academic Programme provides intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thought and maturity of mind. Students are taught the value and equality of all subjects, and encouraged to pursue a mix of the sciences and arts. Regular visits to museums, and film shows supplement classroom teaching.

Besides having spacious classrooms and playgrounds, the school has excellent facilities for each department, with excellent laboratories for the sciences, three rooms for art and craft, and individual rooms for dance and music. The libraries have a wide selection of fact, fiction and reference books for all subjects. A large state-of-the-art computer laboratory stocks software to support teaching. A Computer Resource Centre and Teacher Resource Centre provides facilities for the students and staff to make computer presentations to support teaching. An overhead projector, epidiascope, and video recorder are other teaching aids. An auditorium and open-air stage are used for stage presentations and functions. A large fleet of buses transports students. The school prepares students for the All India Secondary Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education at the end of Standard X and for the All India Senior Secondary Examination at the end of Standard XII.

The concept of international understanding and friendship among the children of the world was born almost with Springdales itself. The motto of the school and allied activities are ample proof of it. The school has been an associate member of the UNESCO scheme for Education for International Understanding since the sixties. It has interwoven into the curriculum, the study of relevant topics, exhibitions and projects.

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