Lima Villa College

Lima Villa College
Alameda Don Alfonso 125, Huertos de Villa
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+511-255 3232
Contact Person 1:
Mrs. Blanca Ruiz de Somocurcio – English department Assessor
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Carolina Goicochea – School Principal
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Lima Villa College, was founded in September 2013 by a family association “Velasco Hermanos”, heading this group was the educator Rebeca Velasco.

In Lima Villa College we considered the education of our students as the most beautiful and important work, and love living this experience with them. Our school is a place which environment is built to be a place not only for our students, but also for teachers and parents meet and live with respect and affection.

Our proposal has as its main axis, the commitment to obtain the best of them through a modern, comprehensive and bilingual methodology, which so far, is giving us so many satisfactions.

We are confident that with our educational focus and the commitment of parents, we will continue in the path to guide and form our students to be capable of facing the future and this daily changing world, to become better students, professionals and as members of a family.

Lima Villa College has about 500 students ,aged 4 to 17, divided in 3 levels:

Pre-school (Nursery, Pre-kinder and Kindergarten – 3,4 and 5 year old)
Primary (Grades 1st to 6th)

High school (Grades 7th to 11th)


To form international open-minded leaders, capable of achieving their own goals, assuming responsibilities for themselves and our world, understanding the learning process as a main fact in our lives and being active members of the global society.


To be an educational community that promotes holistic education at the highest level, focus in an education where our students achieve the skills of :Autonomy , Integrity, Solidarity, Creativity, Open-minded, Reflective, Good communicators, Informed and Balanced.


At Lima Villa College we develop critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, collaborative ability, values, trust, integrity and entrepreneurial spirit, in a way that they learn to direct their own lives.


Even though we are just starting to grow, our school has been thought and built to offer the best area to our students with spaces to expand their imagination and be in contact with nature

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