Jing Hang Primary School

No.6 Jing Hang Road
Guangxi Province
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Zhen Zeng (Jillian)
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Liping Qiu
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Liuzhou Jing Hang Primary School is a famous school which has been around for 100 years. It was built in 1907 in the west of China—Liuzhou, Guangxi. It is located on the banks of the beautiful Liujiang river. The school is divided into two parts—- the old school campus and the new school campus. Our school covers approximately 150 acres. It is well established with excellent resources. It accommodates 4516 students in 84 classes from Grade 1 to Grade 6. It is one of the largest primary schools of Guangxil Province. The school has 1180 teaching and administrative staff. 95% of the teachers have received a college education. Strong leaders, excellent teachers and hardworking students make the school vigorous and progressive.

Attention is given to help staff enhance both spiritual and teaching achievement , cultivating well-rounded students with talents that sets the school apart with unique style. We have specialist teachers who teach traditional classes in Chinese, Math, Music, Art, PE ,Science and English as a second language. Dedicating teachers and students with the spirit of innovation has brought glorious success to our school, such as: “National Experimental School of Modern Education,” “National Advanced Experimental Unit for Students’ Physical development and Beautiful School Environment “, etc. By November 2008, we have received a total of 56 state-level, the 98-level autonomous regions, and 414 city-level awards. “People’s Daily”, “People’s Education”, CCTV , Education of the Central Television, and other media have reported the achievement of our school .

The staffs and students of Jing Hang Primary School warmly welcome friends from around the world.

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