Gong Yuan Road Primary School

School Name: Gong Yuan Road Primary School
22 Gong Yuan Road
Post code: China
School Phone Number: 86-772-2851528
School Fax: 86-772-2851528
Contact Person 1: Zhen Zeng (Jillian)
Contact Person 1 Email: zhen_930@aliyun.com
Contact Person 2: Yunkai Zeng
Contact Person 2 Email: 623329397@qq.com

Gong Yuan Road Primary School was founded in 1922, has a long history and profound cultural background. In fact it is one of the oldest primary schools in Liuzhou. The school is located in the city center at the corner of Gong Yuan Road and Luochi Road. It is a quiet place in the busy city and conveniently located with Liu Hou Park to its east and five star pedestrian way to its west. The school grounds cover an area of 8430 square meters with school buildings of 6676 square meters. Today there are 2158 students in 40 classrooms. The school has several special function classrooms, including computer, multi-media, a robot computer activity room, a library and a dance room. The overall environment of the campus is nice and neat.

School Photo