Wan Tang Primary School

45 Wan Tang Road
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Yao Chen
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Zhen Zeng (Jillian)
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Wan Tang Primary School was built on October 1st, 1949. It is a school of large scale, high education quality and full trust of children’s parents. Being situated in Wan Tang Road, Cheng Zhong District, Liuzhou city, the school is just beside the Liu Hou Temple, which is to commemorate the famous poet Liu Zong Yuan in Tang Dynasty. The school now has 37classes, 1978 students and 112 teachers. Adhering to policy of rigorous, truth-seeking, opening up, blazing new trails, the school teachers are all diligent, thoughtful, healthy, and of beauty. Our guiding principle for running the school is to have the children learn in life , grow up happily.

Carrying out subjective moral education is the school’s characteristic. Our children learn to learn, learn to survive, learn to communicate, learn to behave through rich subjective activities and social practice. The parent’ volunteers also come up to the platform to give the children some solutions for their problems as a guide. Our school attaches importance to developing children’s special skills. Our training teams of brass band, chorus, dancing, poem recitation, story telling, aerobics, arts, Chinese Writings, etc. have great impact in Liu Zhou City. Our children have developed qualities of self-care, confidence, self-discipline, self-examination.

All the teachers and the students are glad to have communication with teachers and students from all around the world. We have visited schools in Cincinnati, USA, and hosted a student delegation from Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. In order to develop our children’s awareness of the world, we positively promote such exchange visits with primary schools all around the world.

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