Lord Byron School

Lord Byron School
375 – 379 Viña del Mar St.
Sol de La Molina
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(+511) 479-17-17/ 368-56-02
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July Torres, Foreign Languages Director
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The development of our students’ full potential is our main priority. A solid academic base is important, but the shaping of the personality, the respect of rules and self-discipline are equally important. This is our job: to give the right mix of education that guarantees not only professional success but also happiness and personal accomplishment.

Lord Byron assumes new challenges and is in the final stage in the process of authorization to teach with the Diploma Programme, (IB) and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Lord Byron promotes the practice of sports and highlights the growing number of students from pre-school, primary and secondary who participate in basketball, soccer, volleyball, Tae kwon-Do and gymnastics. We pride our students on being Well-balanced athletically as well as academically.

In Art education, we prioritize the development of our student`s sensitivity and creative capacity through music, dance and visual arts.

We accomplish our academic goals by stressing the development of capacities through meaningful contents of “learning-by-doing” (hands – on – activities).

Our school emphasizes the knowledge of foreign languages, providing an excellent instruction in English, French and Chinese, in a controlled intensive immersion environment that offers students unlimited opportunities to use the target language guided by native and near-native teachers, and among each other. We are principle to the premise that real proficiency in languages involves meaningful insight and access into other cultures.

As members of the Lord Byron family, we set goals and make an effort to achieve them, always having in mind that perseverance; improvement and self-confidence are the secrets of success. We prepare our students to play the main role in their own history, responsible of building a more fair and giving society and we always remember “ Today we are better than yesterday, tomorrow we will be better than today”.

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