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00(51) 44280395
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Patricia Alarcón – School Manager
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Sara Gosling – Primary coordinator.
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Fleming College is a bilingual, co-educational school serving students from 2 – 17 years old. Founded in 1990, Fleming has approximately 600 students who receive a mixture of British and Peruvian education. Fleming was the first British school to be established outside of Lima. Fleming is situated in a pleasant suburb of Trujillo, a city on the northern coast of Peru. Ten minutes to the west of the school lies the Pacific Ocean and ten minutes to the east via the beautiful Sanata de Lucia Valley are the foothills of the Andes. Fleming College is a British Peruvian school which aims to develop intelligent, enquiring, open minded, positive, bi-lingual individuals, who enjoy an international perspective, and who achieve their potential through a balanced and demanding curriculum. We also strive to ensure a commitment to social values which will allow our students to live humane, productive lives with which they will contribute to a democratic society. Fleming has established a reputation as one of the leading schools in Peru. An active member of the LAHC and the BSP and accredited by the leading universities in Latin America. Fleming combines academic success with a friendly cheerful atmosphere. Fleming is a school which actively encourages student participation in decision making. The role of the student council and of the prefects is very important to us and allows all students from 1st grade in Primary to 5th year of Secondary to have a say in the running of the school. The relationship between students and teachers is very positive and as a result Fleming is very happy place to study and to work.

Kindergarten –The subject areas are developed from ages 2 to kinder. The main focus being on Spanish language awareness at ages 2 and 3. Children need to develop their cognitive skills; achieve a good level of mother tongue language skills and the ability to cooperate with both adults and children.

Pre-kinder and Kinder of the Nursery section apply a full English Immersion programme. The goal is to provide a fun pre-school environment for children to be immersed in the English language. We use age-appropriate games, art projects, rhymes, songs and poetry to assist children to learn to think in English, as opposed to translating. Children improve in a second language in a dynamic an interactive way. Primary – Bilingual Education is provided throughout primary. A British National Curriculum and a Peruvian Curriculum have been integrated to form the base for the academic demands of secondary. Spanish, Maths, English, Social Studies, Art, Personal and Social Development, Science and Environmental Studies, Religion, IT, PE are subjects included in first and second Grade. Spanish, Maths, English, Geography, History, Art, Personal and Social Development, Science and Environmental Studies, Religion, IT, PE are subjects included in third, fourth, fifth and sixth Grade. Secondary –In Secondary we seek to provide an educational space where a creative, critical and autonomous person can develop and be able to make decisions using a clear and coherent set of values. Likewise, we intend to offer an educational scheme that fosters bilingual communication as a tool, a critical and imaginative spirit and the capacity to make autonomous decisions.

SCHOOL YEAR: 1 week vacation in May and September; 2 week vacation in July-August; 2 month vacation in January and February

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