Colegio Buena Tierra, S.C.

Colegio Buena Tierra, S.C.
Camino viejo a San Mateo #273
Villa de Metepec Barrio de San Salvador Tizatlali CP.
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(52) 722-2712500
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(52) 722-2712412
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Delores Berumen – Directora General
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Guillermina Rives – Secretary
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Our school, Buena Tierra, is located in Metepec, state of Mexico, an hour drive from Mexico City, and since 2010, it has been member of the International Baccalaureate Organization in our country.

Our school was founded with the belief that students have to develop inquiring, analytical and critical thinking skills by asking themselves why, how and when things happen. Our educational platform is based

on constructivism and cooperative-significant learning. The school’s motto, “Make knowledge our own”, requires the developments of diverse and meaningful skills, as well as the enhancement of positive attitudes towards the community and society, the environment, and the learning processes.

Buena Tierra has participated in the ISSE exchange program for 22 years, and since then, we have established several and memorable exchanges with other schools in countries like Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Canada, United States, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, England, and France.

Buena Tierra has many distinctive features. Our students are guided to make knowledge their own in a respectful atmosphere towards themselves and their environment, developing each one of their abilities by enjoying and sharing what they learn within a bilingual, technological and values education context. Likewise, in Buena Tierra, we believe that our students and community members in general, have rights and civic responsibilities that come with being a member of the world, with whole-world philosophy and sensibilities. However, our global students, feel proud of their national identity and cultural heritage by knowing, and therefore, appreciating their national roots and traditions.

In Buena Tierra, the whole school community is aware that international exchanges are meaningful and enriching experiences that promote the holistic development of human beings allowing us to cover the social and universal need of harmony and borderless active learning which undoubtedly, fosters responsible global citizenship and international mindfulness. For that reason, every member in our community, looks forward to making feel our guests at home, by sharing an ever-lasting life experience, surrounded by the world-wide known cordiality and special endearment of the Mexican people.

In Buena Tierra, our students solve trans-disciplinary challenges while they build a real and profound understanding of the world around them, thus, developing a self-identity in harmonic contact with their community and environment, and a steady commitment to positively impact it. Students in Buena Tierra are empowered to take wiser decisions, to think, feel and live in a different way to build a better world.

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