Thomas Alva Edison School

Manzanas #11
Col. Del Valle CP Del.Benito Juarez
México, D.F.
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(52) 55-55755093
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(52) 55 55752962
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GABRIELA MARTÍNEZ, English Coordinator
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The Thomas Alva Edison School is a private, co-educational, school ranging from Junior Kinder to High School. Its Elementary section, (“TAE”), is located in a nice neighborhood, called Colonia del Valle. TAE serves approximately 500 students in grades 2-7 (ages 7-12) which come from upper middle class families.

TAE is a bilingual (Spanish-English) highly competitive school. Within an atmosphere of friendliness, respect, and self-pride it looks toward the intellectual and physical development of its alumni. Although TAE is a non-parochial school, it appreciates moral values and virtues which it shares with its community.

TAE’s school year is from late August to early July. School hours are 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.
TAE has been a member of ISSE since 1983. It has had exchange programs with countries such as Australia, U.S.A., Costa Rica, and just recently Argentina.

TAE wishes its visiting delegates to get involved with the school’s activities as much as possible. To see to this end, delegates will visit each school classroom. TAE would also like its visitors to present songs, dances, and to share historical, geographical, and social information in a cultural show, presented before alumni, faculty, and parents.

Visiting Delegates should be aware that Mexico has a very rich culture. They will visit many of the city’s highlights. Mexico City is a fascinating and interesting megalopolis! The rainy season is from June to October. Winter months are when the temperatures are lower, or January to March. Otherwise the weather is similar to mountain weather. Cool mornings and evenings, and warm throughout the day.

TAE prefers to visit between April and May. It prefers to host between October and March. We suggest the size of visiting delegations to be of 6 to 8 children and a chaperone, or of 9 to 10 children and 2 chaperones.

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