Springfield School

Springfield School
Isidro Fabela Norte #1061 Col. Tres caminos
Estado de México
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(52) 55 52720586 ext 221
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(52) 55 52721490
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Georgina Duran Fernandez
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The philosophy and spirit of our school are founded on the fundamental need to lead students towards knowledge of the basic values of humanity. Here, they are allowed free access to science, arts, language and technology – all fruit of the evolution of human thought.

In our institution we set out to instill in the pupil a lust for knowledge about the spiritual and physical atmosphere, which surrounds him, so creating human beings prepared to reflect on the vital importance of, and careful management of, all our natural resources.

Our school stands for a system of education based on the deepest understanding of the human race and the complete development of intellect.

Founded in 1976, with the objective of offering a high standard of personalized and ever-developing education, we have kindergarten, pre-primary, primary, secondary and high school levels. Throughout school life, are continually improving our academic qualification. Computers and the English language are taught here at all levels, as today these subjects are of utmost importance in the overall development of the student for his place in society. Students have the opportunity to certify their English level through the tests offered by the Cambridge University in London; Preliminary English Test (PET) and First Certificate Examination (FCE) as well as their computer knowledge through the Microsoft certification exams.

Kindergarten – As early as three years old, infants benefit from a fully bilingual education (English/Spanish), while they are offered too, physical education and an equipped play area where they are able to put to full use their physical dexterity.

Pre-primary – At five years, youngsters learn reading and writing skills in two languages (English/Spanish), develop physical process, and continue with computers and music.

Primary – Pupils at this level benefit greatly from the International Exchanges which are arranged with all parts of the world, while computers, music and physical education continue to be taught, as well as English.

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