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I am writing these thoughts by the desk where our beloved friend Fukky sensei wrote his farewell letter.

Fukky Sensei farewell letter

For the last two weeks, the ISSE Japanese Delegation that visited us shared with us unforgettable, life-changing moments that will be imprinted in our hearts.

Japan at Buena TierraThey taught us that Mexico is shocking and amazing at the same time: they were scared by how driving is done in Mexico City, but surprised by how Mexican people felt inevitably happy when they made others feel happy; they felt overwhelmed by the size of our city but loved every bit of it; they couldn’t believe we eat insects and ant eggs (chapulines and escamoles) but neither could they believe how tasty Japanese food was… cooked Mexican style.

I learned with their visit -and so did everyone who had the privilege to get to know Keiko Nagai, Fujiki sensei, Sana, Eko, Natsumi, Norika, Miyu and Togo- that the heart communicates more deeply than words; that kindness and mindfulness for others are essential in our society, and that a tight hug may bring two completely different cultures together… so close that one feels sad for their physical absence.Japanese visitors at Buena Tierra in Mexico

And… yes… I am, and will always be, IN LOVE with Japan and its lovely, amazing people…

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