Minutes of ISSE World Conference 2018: Liuzhou, China

Minutes of ISSE World Conference 2018: Liuzhou, China

Communication with Parents

  • Parents of visiting students cannot make schedule changes with the host parents without the host and visiting schools’ chaperones’ approval
  • No unequal treatment or extravagant gifts to visiting students
  • Chaperones should expect to do daily communication (blog) with home school via What’s App, We Chat, etc.

Communication between Schools

  • Communication between schools should start NO LESS than 2 months prior to exchange.
  • Reminder that HOSTING schools set the rules as to number of students in delegation, appropriate dress code, expectations in classroom, etc. This should be shared with visiting school at least a month prior time frame.
  • Schools should set up exchange dates and number of students involved at least 6months prior to visit to avoid problems with Visas and scheduling of flights, etc.
  • SUGGESTION that hosting school has visited all host families to ease the stress for visiting families.

ISSE World Conference

  • 2020 – Mexico
  • 2022 – Both Cambodia and India will submit proposals for consideration at the 2020 conference.

Transition Teams in each ISSE Member School

There should be one in each school and transition team members are encouraged to attend the ISSE Conference.

A transition team is a group of teachers and staff that are interested in the ISSE program and want to see it continued in the school to avoid burn out of existing ISSE team members or committee in the school.


Reminders for Schools

  1. Student Delegates
    Make sure you know the rules regarding the age of delegates:
    Students participate during their 10th, 11th or 12th year of life.Students who are 9 or 13 years of age at time of travel may not host or travel.
  2. Expectations for Class Time, Visitors, Smart Phones
    Students are expected to spend a majority of their time in classrooms and not spending time with traveling mates in meeting room.
    No member of the delegation should meet up with anyone outside of the group during the visit.
    ALL TECHNOLOGY equipment should be collected at the airport to be returned at end of visit. HOSTING students should also NOT be using technology during the exchange but spend time with guest.
  3. Chaperones
    Chaperones must have a minimum of 3 years experience in an educational setting within current school and a firm/solid understanding of the ISSE program.
    Chaperones are expected to remain with their delegation and not plan any extra personal travel without the students involved during the exchange.
    Chaperones should be physically able to complete their duties and clearly understand the expectations of their role.
    Chaperones need to want to be an involved chaperone and not just assigned to the duty.
    An attempt should be made to find at least one ENGLISH speaking staff member, so not to exceed the limit of 2 chaperones.
  4. Length of the Visit
    Both schools must agree to the length of the visit.
    Side trips must not be part / included in the visit to the school. Side trips take place AFTER the visit, not before.

Moving Forward

Due DateAssignmentPerson Responsible
Aug. 151.1 Update your school’s information currently on the ISSE Website.Each school’s Rep
1.2 Inform Mike Medina either “The information is correct.” or “Here are the changes …” Mike M: mike.medina@bvsd.org”
Aug. 152.1 Look at the ISSE website.Each school’s ISSE Team
2.2 Send suggestions to Mike Medina to improve the website.
Aug. 153.1 Load Background Form as a Google Doc and share it with everyone. Vickie
Sept. 13.2 Review the draft of the Background Form that Vicki shared. Each school’s ISSE Team
Sept. 153.3 Make suggestions on edits to the Background Form.Each school’s ISSE Team
Vicki’s email: Martin.Vicki.E@edumail.vic.gov.au
Aug. 154.1 Each school reviews the draft of the School Safety Document, shared by Vicki at the Conference.Each school’s ISSE Team
4.2 Suggested edits are sent to Vicki.Each school’s ISSE Team
Sept. 154.3 Vicki shares final document with all ISSE schools.Vickie
Sept. 154.4 Update your school’s safety and security information and put it on your website.Each school’s ISSE Team
4.5 Send that information to Mike Medina.Each school’s ISSE Team
Sept. 155.1 Each ISSE member school installs a “translation button” on their Website. Google translation button can be found at the end of each newsletter from Ormond Primary School, Australia.Each school’s ISSE Team
Oct. 156.1 Revised ISSE website goes live!Mike Medina
Jan. 15,’197.1 ISSE Bi-Annual ReportBev Campbell
June 15,’197.2 ISSE Bi-Annual ReportBev Campbell
Feb. 15,’198.1 Update on the status of your school’s ISSE Committee sent to Bev Campbell.Each school’s ISSE Team
June 15,’199.0 Report on Expansion Activities
9.1 Mexico: ISSE and the new schoolArturo
9.2 USA: PennsylvaniaBob H.
9.3 New ZealandJoanna
9.4 SpainPaco

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