Minutes of ISSE World Conference 2010: Tokoname, Japan

Minutes of ISSE World Conference 2010: Tokoname, Japan


July 24, 2010

Dear Members and Friends,

The following are the minutes of the ISSE World Conference in Tokoname, Japan held July 12-15, 2010. The conference was opened by Taizo Fukuta, assisted by Akemi Tsuzuki and representatives and volunteers of Japan.  People attending were Administrator, Bev Campbell and Donna Dillman, USA.  Sharon Smith, Birmingham School, Australia; Lizbeth and Rodrigo Fernandez of St. Anthony, Costa Rica;  Suman Kumar, Bluebells School, Rupali Munjal, Bal Bharati, India; Dr. Tan Khun and Jenny , Sri Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Margara and Juan Aguilar of Anahuac, Iona Astorga, Hilbert, and Elisa Diaz of Nuevo Continente , Mexico. Opening Day: Bev Campbell thanked the delegates from Japan for all the hard work that went into preparing for the conference. Bev began the discussion of how to facilitate exchanges with Japan.  A plan that would have Japan exchanging with two different schools in one calendar year was proposed and discussion followed.  It was noted that the delegates present were willing to try this plan; however, it had to be approved by the head of the board of education.  After meeting with the president of the Board of Education, Bev reported that he was willing to try the plan and this would be reflected in the lottery at this conference. Concerns were expressed also, that only four schools from Japan were participating. Japanese representatives agreed to look into this. Discussion was held as to why Japan needs to send delegates to schools prior to visits.  This is costly and schools are approved by other ISSE member schools.  Delegates from Japan replied that it was required by their Board of Education.

Old Business

  1. Due to the economy of all countries, exchanges for 2010- 2012 will be entered into the lottery according to regions.  As of 2013 exchanges, once again will go outside regions.
  2. Chaperones:  Two chaperones are a must for many countries. Chaperones are to be treated as guests. That means that all expenses, excluding personal items and souvenirs are to be covered by their host.
  3. Cultural Show: The cultural show should be a reflection of the customs, costumes, music, dances of the country. This entertainment should be limited to a thirty (30) minute presentation.  There has been much improvement in this area since the last conference.
  4. Cell Phones:  Chaperones and schools are to continue the practice of NOcell phones in the hands of any student delegates during their travels.
  5. Newsletter:  With the new web site, it was decided that a newsletter was not needed.  News and pictures can be posted on the web site.


Students ten to twelve years of age are to be selected to travel.  At times younger or older students find it difficult to adjust to the host family and their children.  Also, the exchange should be for three weeks. Side trips should occur before or after the exchange and not interfere with the length of the school visit.


Preparation for classroom visits should be completed before traveling.  Teachers and students must be in classrooms.  There should be little free time during the day.


If all schedules for classroom visits (including number of students in each class), home visits, field trips and other activities could be prepared before the visitors arrive they can be better prepared.


Bev reported the possibility of new schools in Colorado and the Japanese continue to approach schools in Asia.  Everyone was urged to make personal contacts with friends, relatives, etc. to find other interested schools and countries.  It was stressed that expansion is key to the survival of ISSE.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report from Bob Herring was distributed and approved.


Please send checks for dues as direct deposit to Bob Herring or a check to Sue made out to ISSE.  Please give important information with dues. Indicate what the money covers and the names of the schools involved in the exchange covered by the payment.  Also, indicate if the payment is for a full or half exchange.

Web Site

The web site is new and improved.  Make sure the information about your school is correct and up to date. You need to send a user name and a password to Bev in order to have access to the forms and exchange schedule on the site. Forms: Forms can be obtained from the web site.   All schools are not sending forms (especially forms #3 & #4) and these are important for liability.


In order to expedite the visa process list the traveling students and chaperone(s) full names, the destination of the travel, the dates of the expected exchange and send this information to Bev.   She can then send you an official request to your embassy to allow the travel using ISSE letterhead.  When applying for visas to any country indicate, only, that you are visiting.  Do not mention school exchanges.  This, also, facilitates matters.

Country Reports

All countries gave favorable reports.    Note: It is important to remember that exchanges are educational opportunities. Students need to absorb the culture.  Shopping can not be the primary activity.  There must be a balance. Congratulations to Jenny Amador of Costa Rica on her retirement.  Enjoy your free time, don’t forget us, and join us at the next conference.  Jenny, you will be missed. Invitation to the next conference:    The next conference will be held in 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Submitted by: Donna Dillman

Here is a letter from Taizo Fukuta, president of TSIE and head of ISSE Japan regarding the ISSE Conference in Japan.

Aug.18 2010

To everybody of my friends of ISSE, I’d like to express my gratitude for the conference in July from Japan of the continuation of the intense heat. We’ve looked back on the ISSE conference at the board of TSIE directors. We are grateful for participating in the conference with you. This conference was a significant conference for me too. Because this year is an age of the turning point of the 15th TSIE inauguration anniversary, and it was a great year we could have achieved a big target especially for me having held the ISSE conference in Tokoname. At this conference, we were impressed again with Bev’s, Dr. Tan’s and all of our ISSE friends’ sincere attitudes to international exchanges. We need to refer to your attitudes toward ISSE to be active in TSIE in the future. All TSIE consists of children’s guardians who volunteer. The participants of this conference might have understood the differences of the situation between teachers, the board of education and TSIE. We hopefully expect this conference will correct the orbit of the recognition, that person in educational institutions in Tokoname have toward international exchanges, in a better direction. Therefore, we all the staffs of TSIE would like to make an advance in the ISSE activities turning over a new leaf. And I believe firmly that ISSE will get a big success in the future. Please take care of yourself healthily.

And I look forward to reunion at the next conference in Cincinnati., USA.

Sincerely yours,

Taizo Fukuta
The president of TSIE

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