Farewell Assembly at Mount View in Melbourne

Farewell Assembly at Mount View in Melbourne

Farewell ceremony
Angevine saying farewell to Mount View in Melbourne, Australia

It is always hard to say goodbye. Today was our farewell ceremony right in the morning. We all gathered in the gym and sat quietly. In the back were all the hosts and their families. The ceremony had begun with both the Australian and American national anthems. One thing that was truly outstanding, was that the band played the Australian anthem. They did a splendid job. Next, as the wind instruments left, the orchestra came in. They played us two songs, one of which was called, Rubber Chicken Soup. They had done such a nice job of preparing. From there, we watched a slideshow of our time together. It was so well made. We all were on the edge of our seats the whole time. Some of the photos made us laugh. The memories we saw were some that none of us will ever forget. The moments are cherished in our mind. Watching it even made a few of us shed some tears. We were shown some fantastic dances that the year 3 had presented. Soon, all the families were brought up and thanked. We were all in the moment. We all knew this was something very special. The families here were so good to all of us.

Next all the students went up. Ryan, Haley, Chelsea, and Rikhil had presented some wonderful speeches about the program and some memories. The speeches where very touching and did a splendiferous job. Soon the ceremony had ended. We had had so much fun watching. Time flies by so fast when you are having fun. The ceremony was beautiful and one we will never forget.

At lunch was the event that a lot of people have been waiting for. It was the students VS. staff footy game (football game). The teachers looked really intimidating but the students had energy on our side. It started with the teachers kind of obliterated the students and sadly it kind stayed that way I remembered that it was so hard to run with the ball the furthest I ran with is was no more than a yard before someone tackled me the final score turned into 40-16 so , moral of the story is that we got crushed. Although everybody had a great time. My favorite part was to see all the students that weren’t playing cheering us on. Alexander had some great tackles but a mishap happened with his arm, sending him in for some X-rays. In the end, he is all well and everything looks good. Just a lot of arm rest and he will be back to normal in no time. Our Wednesday was wonderful.

Til next time, signing off from Australia Lauren and Henry.

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