Angevine side trip to Sydney, Australia

Angevine side trip to Sydney, Australia

Angevine in Sydney
Visit to Sydney prior to heading to Melbourne

We woke up at to an amazing breakfest of eggs, toast and sausage. After breakfest we walked down to the Sydney Tower. We saw a 4D show about Sydney and that shark just about jumped out the screen. We were startled and amazed. We took the lift (elevator) to te top. We had a 360 view of Sydney. 

Soon we had to hurry down to the Opera House for our tour. Our tour was AWESOME! We saw an organ that had over 10,000 pipes. They could be up to 3 stories tall and 6 feet wide.  They could also be the size of your thumb. The organ took 10 years to make! It also took over 2 years to tune! A fun fact about the purple carpet in the main theater of the opera house is that it is considered unlucky to opera singers and dancers. One example of this is Pavarotti. He refused to perform because of this carpet! They then moved the show to the other theater with red carpet. However, they only found out that he dispises red more than purple. So they moved him back. After the guide told us this story we got to see part of a ballet rehearsal in one of the 5 different performence places. 

After the tour we had traditional Australion meat pies. They were the best thing i’ve ever had. When we were walking to the park we saw a large cruise ship. Then we went on a sailboat (a Tall Ship) that looked like a pirate ship and went sailing in Sydney Harbor. We got to help bring the sails up and some of us even steered the ship! 

After a long day we went for a walk in The Rocks and Ian took us on a tour and told us about the history of Sydney. We went to a fancy restraunt next to the Opera House and had some amazing food. In the middle of dinner, the Rhapsody (the cruise ship) blew its horn and shook the whole harbor. Lastly, we took a train home, and finished with some refreshing swimming. We had an amazing last full day at Sydney!

Written by: Luke and Alexander

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