6 Year Transition Plan

International School-to-School Experience
Job Descriptions
July 2016

The current leadership team of ISSE will be close to or above 70 years of age at the next International Conference in Liuzhou, China in 2018. It’s appropriate to begin thinking of a transition in the leadership team to the next generation of ISSE members. Below you will find the job description for the three positions. There is not paid staff; all are volunteers. Please consider stepping into a leadership role to insure the future of ISSE and the opportunities it affords students from around the world to build relationships with students from different nations.

ISSE Coordinator

  • Maintains the ISSE Web Page.
  • Maintains the ISSE Facebook Page.
  • Takes the lead in the process to determine partners for annual exchanges.
  • Serves as the clearinghouse for concerns expressed by member schools.
  • Collects forms completed by each school for each exchange.
  • Presents a report to be presented at the International Conference.
  • For additional information contact Bev Campbell.   campbell.isse@gmail.com

ISSE Assistant Coordinator

  • Tracks the fees paid by member schools.
  • Sends invoices as necessary.
  • Presents a report at the International Conference
  • For additional information contact Sue Bolduc.     sbolduc_isse@gmail.com

ISSE Treasurer

  • Maintains the checking account.
  • Pays invoices.
  • Prepares quarterly and annual financial report for ISSE.
  • Completes annual financial report for the State of Ohio.
  • Presents a report at the International Conference.
  • For additional information contact Bob Herring.   robert.c.herring @gmail.com

Leadership Transfer Timeline

September 2016

Job Descriptions for the Leadership Positions in ISSE are sent to member schools and forwarded to staff members and friends of ISSE that may be interested.

Before January 2018

Anyone considering applying for leadership roles in ISSE sends his/her resume and an expression of interest to Bev Campbell.

February – May 2018

Questions posed by those who have expressed an interest are answered by current ISSE Leadership Team and shared with ISSE membership.

July 2018

List of candidates presented to ISSE Membership at ISSE Meeting in Liuzhou, China.

Recommendation is made regarding new Leadership Team.   New Team is announced and affirmed at the ISSE Meeting.

July 2018 – June 2020

Transition takes place. Current Leadership Team works with new members to transfer tasks and responsibilities for ISSE.

July 2018

New Leadership Team is installed at ISSE Conference in Western Hemisphere (Place TBA).

Get Started

Bob Herring (dues only)
3544 Glen Edge Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45213



Megan Weir (forms only)
Angevine Middle School
1150 West South Boulder Road
Lafayette, CO 80026


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