International School to School Experience
Fostering Peace and Understanding

México,Colegio Springfield / Australia, Regency park

Mr. Ferreyra and hostsMy name is Mr. Ferreyra. In the year 2006 I had the opportunity of participating in an I.S.S.E.  to Australia,  as chaperone, during my stay I met the most wonderful people. My responsibility was to take care of the Mexican delegation.

At  Regency Park School  I  met the staff, and they were very kind, to me, which I appreciated very much.


Mr. Ferreyra and hostsStudents had the great opportunity of practicing English, developed themselves and learning a different culture in which they did very well.

“It was one of the  greatest experiences of my life.”

springfieldcomment28-3México,Colegio Springfield  /  Australia, Regency park


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