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Bethany School and Mt. Waverley Primary

Bethany School and Mt. Waverley Primary

We learn so much from our exchanges with other schools in the ISSE program. One which really resonated with all of us who visited Mt. Waverley Primary School in Melbourne last June was their recycling program. It was amazing! We were blown away by all they do. We had a modest program already in place at Bethany, but what we saw at Mt. Waverley increased our awareness and desire to do better. This year, Mrs. Ball and our computer teacher, Mr. Bruce, started a group called the Eco-Hawks. Nearly all of those who were on the ISSE exchange to Mt. Waverley joined the group (they were not all available for the photos today). The group hit the ground running and just since September have already made many changes at our school, significantly reducing the amount of waste going to the landfills. From removing styrofoam containers and starting tray, milk container, and solo cup recycling in the dining room to recycling toner cartridges, and establishing the campus as an idle free area, they are off to a great start. They are feverishly working at educating our families on reducing, reusing, and recycling! Today, they received a shipment of new recycling containers which they distributed around campus. They’ve made an impressive start and have so much more they wish to implement. Thank you, Mt. Waverley, for the inspiration, and to Mrs. Ball for taking the ball and running with it!

Ana, 1997

Hello, I am Ana. I had the oportunity to participate in an exchange in March 1997 to Autralia. What I liked the most was the family that I was with, also the school that I went to. I had the chance of getting to know the classmates that I went with much better. I loved… Continue Reading