Fostering Peace and Understanding


The International School-to-School Experience (ISSE) is a unique international program for schools that provides for the exchange of thoughts and ideas through face-to-face contact with children from other countries around the world. It is non-profit, non-political, and non-religious in nature.

The program gives all 10-12 year old school children the opportunity to experience and understand other cultures on a first-hand basis. It is an innovative approach for schools that realize the importance of international experience in modern school education.

Being on an exchange is a fantastic and unique opportunity. I have two daughters, both of whom enjoyed their experiences immensely. They are also both having an ongoing strong friendship with their exchange students. I believe travel is essential to a complete all-rounded education as well as providing a real life experience. Travelling abroad teaches you tolerance, understanding different culture, priorities and gives us a better ability to be successful in today’s society.
Mother of 2 students from Australia

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